Characteristics of Baby Boomers – The Good And The Bad Involved

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Each person is different in their own way. This makes him/her different from the others. Even siblings differ a lot. Still, with the distinct characteristics of every person, he/she still should be able to achieve a good relation with other people.

Lots of generations have existed and also exist now. For ages now, each and every one of them has a certain uniqueness that makes them different from the others. If you are a baby boomer, this would obviously be known by you.

What or rather who are baby boomers? The answer is that people born after the II World War are baby boomers who were babies born between 1946 and 1964, the prospering time of a country after war.

Baby Boomers have characteristics that are very different and unique when compared to that of the other generations. This maybe the result of the fact that they were brought up in an American Military dominated world. They lead life in a world which offers wonders like awesome gadgets and household appliances. During that time, you found unemployed individuals only very rarely. In other words, almost all the families lived a happy and prosperous life.

The academic leadership, political, cultural and also industrial classes are also dominated almost completely by the baby boomers. The prominent individuals, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are baby boomers and both illustrate diverging ranges of values and attitudes.

The baby boomers’ families have the maximum incomes in America. There are also early and late boomers and the generation is marked mostly by early boomers as late boomers did not experience military drafts. The late boomers were more identified by many cultural factors which they were even able to share.

The late boomers, also, are called as the X’s of the early generation. Presently, they are in a position where they wish to make a historical mark. The birth of baby boomers indeed makes history, and may even be the reason as to why they, in their right, are idealists. They are supposed to have a very big influence and impact over political and cultural matters. They belong to higher positions of power and the leaders there exhibit vision, decisiveness and can even withstand the worst of situations.

But baby boomers are famous not only for their positive attitude, but also for tendencies that are destructive like ruthlessness, arrogance and selfishness that can result in factional strife or outright despotism.

During the midlife of any baby boomer, they re-evaluate all things that have any relationship to their personal life. Those that have families concentrate on the success and failures obtained by their children as they want only what are best for them. A few boomers go even to the extent of directing and managing the lives of their children.

They are very much over-protective parents. They wish to sanitize everything that is seen by their children, even television programs. This is completely opposite to their childhood when they wanted to indulge everything with very few restrictions. Through their children, they wish to make improvements in the society.

Baby boomers, though being known as counter-cultural types and as hippies, also have interests in personal and social improvement. However, this, usually is exhibited after they become old.

Baby boomers were also greatly criticized for being anti – youth and ageist. This is evidenced further by the phrase ‘do not trust anyone who is over 30′. However, not all of them are like this. There are even those who follow the society’s social norms in their time.

All people, boomer or not, are all indeed important individuals who have the potential to contribute a lot for the world. People ought not to concentrate on the generation or era that they are from, but must make sure they do everything that will contribute to prosperity and peace of mankind.

Every person has characteristics that are positive as well as negative. Nobody is perfect, and it is an established fact. There are people who claim to be perfectionists. However this does not mean that they are perfect as people. It is only natural to make mistakes being a human being. But, the important thing is that one must learn from the experience given by the mistakes committed in the past. If you wish to improve your own self, you can do so. However, you must ensure that the improvement is for the better.

Australian Baby Boomers – Introduction, A Different Kind?

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There are thousands of millions of babies that are born every day. Population of the world is increasing at an exponential rate. The highest recorded increase in the births of children was in the 40s. After World War II, a boom of babies was born every year for about 20 years and the generation was called the generation of baby boomers.

The boomers are concentrated, not only in the United States, but also in countries like Australia too. They transformed the rules of their societies and made a large impact on politics. They also disturbed the established societies of many nations.

Australia, like the States, expects that boomers will cause demographic events and shifts in culture too. Social scientists, demographers, politicians and marketers pay utmost attention to the baby boomers. Now, the boomers are retiring and so, a change in the economy of the country is expected along with the changes in the whole country.

The boomers that are in Australia were born between the years 1946 and 1961, and as per the records, there were about 4 million boomers present in the country. They constitute about 79% of the labor force that is managers, professionals and laborers. The level of their income is high as almost all of them graduated with degrees as well as post-graduate diplomas.

As the majority of baby boomers are working, the country is taking steps to handle their retirements. However, it is obvious that the boomers will continue to work even beyond their ages of retirement. Some may change their careers or even start businesses of their own. Some of them may even become part-time workers. Baby boomers are people who go beyond all boundaries and always wish to make changes.

Australian baby boomers consist of two groups, the trailing edge and the leading edge. The leading edge boomers took advantage of anything that was good in life. They had proper homes, very little debts, and a handsome income and also were powerful. The politics and economy are dominated by them. However, the trailing edge boomers were not given these chances at taking an advantage over things. They were depressed by great losses that occurred to them due to the stock market crash in 1987. They are facing financial crisis and have difficulty even for educating their children. Many of them do not even own a house.

A study concluded that boomers were thrifty and careful as they were nearing retirement. Yet, junior boomers are at an advantage as that habit was built in them long before their seniors realized the value of saving and spending money.

In the gap of 2011-2021, the Australian baby boomers will become inactive due to their frailty. They are about 65 years old now and comprise of a huge percentage in the total population of the country. Hence, a great challenge will pose itself in front of the country and hence, these aging boomers must be provided diverse services by the country.

The generation of boomers is a unique one. Traditional activities for people who are old can not be expected of them. The boomers prefer to remain youthful and for this, they will take part in activities with teenagers who are a generation or two below them.

Education and assertiveness can be found in all baby boomers. They wish to be included in learning of programs and are also open to new technology uses. This clearly opposes the popular belief that oldies do not prefer to use new technologies.

Australia ought to be ready for the generation of baby boomers. The authorities must finalize programs and services for senior baby boomers and must offer them diverse options. They ought to be committed, enthusiastic and innovative. They also should use marketing techniques that are effective in attracting boomers. They love attention and wish to have only the best that is available out of the rest.

Just like other countries inhabited by boomers, Australia will also be subjected to drastic changes as boomers teeter on the edges of their lives. They have been an integral part of their country for a long time, in spite of being notorious and self centered in their youth. Important changes and contributions were made to the country by them and these changes helped a lot in making the countries very prosperous.